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R150.00 R85.00

FLEXIBLE: Extremely durable yet super flexible neck bends and retains placement so you don’t have keep re-adjusting.
ADJUSTABLE: Non-metallic ball and socket allows for a 360 degree rotation. Adjust the mirror to your preferred angle – not the other way around!
DISTORTION-FREE: 10x magnification up-close with zero distortion!
Rust-proof construction means you can use your Flexible Mirror anywhere – even in the shower.
Super-strong suction base adheres to any smooth surface, wet or dry.

R500.00 R355.00

The Allocacoc lamp has a rubber base which offers an anti-skid feature. It will not scratch the table and will provide extra stability.
Common lamps are controlled by buttons but the balance lamp is controlled by two magnetic wooden spheres.
The lamp is safe. You can touch the spheres with peace of mind, there is no way to receive an electric shock.
The emitted light is warm. With 3500 Kelvins it will fill the room with a relaxing warm white.
The outside frame of the lamp is made of ABS Wood (Burly wood) making it durable and long lasting.

R300.00 R75.00

The 3-in-1 Multi-Cutter is a great razor sharp blade that is a complete dream for those who love DIY. This Multi-Cutter offers more than just being simple garden sheers. Instead, you can expect a tool that can effortlessly cut through electrical wires, rope, carpet, tree limbs and even chain. More so, part of the cutter retracts so that you are left with a handy blade. The blade can be used as a utility knife whereby you can perform tasks like cutting boxes, drywall, carpet and more.